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The Economics of Labor Markets Essay

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That being said, any topic in the Ehrenberg and Smith book is acceptable. There are many sidebar issues that are highlighted, and very complete references and footnotes which would make an easy starting point for a paper. You could find a topic in current events. See the list at the end of this handout for examples. Submission Guidelines Your paper should be 10 to 12 pages in length, excluding exhibits, although if you come up short by a page I would prefer you NOT try to stretch it, so I will not automatically deduct points if your paper is only 9 pages. Your paper should include: 1.

An “abstract”: A one paragraph summary of your topic and conclusions or key findings 2. Introduction and concise explanation of the topic. This must include some insight on why this topic is important, or who it is important to. 3. Main body of the paper: depending on the type of topic you have chosen, this would include different things such as a. An explanation of the different constituencies affected by a policy or labor economics issue b. Discussion of the labor theory that applies to this topic (i. e. discrimination models, efficiency wage model, labor/leisure model, etc. ) c.

Discussion of published papers in economics that have examined this topic d. Discussion of specific data used to reach conclusions in these published papers, and how this data might compare to the population you are interested in. e. Use of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US Census Bureau, or any other original data source f. A historical examination of similar issues in the present or past (for example, if your topic is the Post-Katrina labor market in New Orleans, look at other cities or regions hit by severe natural disasters) g. Your conclusions based on your research 4.

The Conclusion or Summary 5. Reference List (You must use a minimum of six different sources for your paper, and three of these must be from academic journals. None of these can be web-only references. Use of original data counts as a source. ) 6. Your work must be properly documented in the APA system of documentation. Guidelines for this documentation style can be found in Diana Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference; online at ECN 3671 – The Economics of Labor Markets – Spring 2012 http://libguides. babson. edu/citing, and at the Babson Writing Center (Babson Hall 205) and Speech Resource Center (Horn 209). . Exhibits – feel free to embed the exhibits in the document or put them after the references. 8. Honor Code Statement – And please remember that as easy as the internet makes it to plagiarize, it also makes it very easy to catch plagiarism. There is a link to the Babson Academic Integrity Policy in the Term Paper Folder on Blackboard. Additional Instructions Use a 12-point font with a 1-inch margin all around. Double space lines and number all pages. All exhibits should be clearly referenced in the text, properly sequenced, and must support your analysis.

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Edit your document for grammar and readability. Sources ? Journal Articles found through EbscoHost or JStor or any other service Horn Library has access to. Examples of such journals are: o Journal of Labor Economics o Journal of Political Economy o Quarterly Journal of Economics o Journal of Economic Literature o Journal of Economic Perspectives o American Economic Review o Journal of International Economics o Demography o Economic Journal o Review of Economics and Statistics o Industrial and Labor Relations Review ? Books written by economists, sociologists, industrial relations experts ?

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