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The Development of a software for outsourcing Essay

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This study may not be achievable without the cooperation, guidance and support and of a few person and organization. University adopted Supervisor Dr. —PQR[1]—, Lecturer, Department of computing, ABC University, was the resource of the inspiration and motivation to this dissertation effort. He has provided vital assistance along all the way. His help is really immeasurable.

Department of computing[2], ABC University, is another resource to gaining this study.  It has provided valuable modulation, books, Journals, Researches and too many efforts for this study. Teacher and staffs of the Department and the Faculty Dean are extremely helpful.  Devoid of their assistance, this study could not have reached its conclusion.

Encouragement, love and caring of my family ensured a working environment for such a project without disturbing the normal family routine.

All the optimistic attributes of this dissertation have driven from those mentioned above. The conclusions or any other errors, omissions and mistakes within this dissertation are attributable just to the author.

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The world of business is in the midst of revolution in which the key ingredient is control and Management of information within the organization. Every company that wants to move forward must embrace Information technology based information processing.

The purpose of businesses is maximization of goals especially this era of corporate sustainability and achieve this companies will need to move with technology based information processing. Companies in countries like Taiwan need to develop capacity to utilize Information Technology to improve product and services choice among customers in order to give pleasure and satisfaction. This independence, pleasure and satisfaction will be determined by individual perception of the chosen product or service and the preference in the choice of the same.

Therefore, to accommodate the rapid changes occurring in business world, information technology processing software is needed. Then question of developing software for outsourcing purposes. This case study describes the rthe development of software and it outsourcing management. The implementation of a prototype IT developed by ABC, a student at the University of  kkk aiming to help SDE to develop technology-based inventory control. Collaborating with the management of SDE, XXX investigated this tool in the context of managing outsourcing of software.

A inference research approach will be adopted to an able the research to study,  whereby qualitative empirical data was collected through semi-structured face-to-face interviews, internet questionnaires. Face to face, interviews will be carried, targeting the employees of the company.

I conclude that the Information technology system enhances companies managing of information , increases collaboration and sharing information among employees, and increased profitability by reducing knowledge management in the organization and loss due employees stealing. I have also learned that the management SDE appreciates the software outsourcing as a tool to successful control of patents and property rights.

I was able to evaluate the usability of the software outsourcing. Finally, This study offer some contributions for this company on how software outsourcing will be great value and  make them improve the current market share as well as protect their software rights and some recommendations for its management in better decision making is availed.

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