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The desruction of the world forests Essay

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The world’s forest play an important role such as regulating climates and provide habitat for many species on earth. The global rate of forest destruction have incresed since 1980’s and the World Resources Institute estimated that deforestation is averaged 16.9 million hectares annually and if this continue, there would be no forests remaining by some time between the years 2040 and 2060. If the green natural resources is destroyed, we will face many serious consequences such as global warming, disaster or even extinction.

Firstly, its knowledgeable that now people have to suffer the climate change resulted by the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide. Genereally, carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees which can prevent the greenhouse effect. However, those filter machines are reducing continually and this will caused many troubles in which there is global warming. This will lead to climate change that will caused some trouble such as warmer temperature, wind direction change and higher sea level. Futhermore, a lot of carbon dioxide can pollute the environment and harmed the global health.

Besides that, the destruction of world’s forest will make advantage for disaster as flood, drought, tidal waves and so forth. People already know that trees protect them from flood by keeping a large amount of water and drought by maintaining the humidity of the world. However, it seems like people excellent shield is broked by themself. According to many scientists, people have to suffer a lot of disaster in this century. This is proven by Tsunami in Thailand and earthquakes in Haiti and Japan. Eventually, this will caused poverty, starvation, losing home and death which affects the human lives.

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On the other hand, not only human is affected but the animals are also related firmly to the tress in global ecology system. If the forest’s destruction rate continually to arise, there are enormous amount of animals
have to faced the condition of no habitation and deficiency of food. Futhermore, there will be some species which are risk of extinction could never exist on this earth again. Some resercher has found that the propottion of extinction for each species is higher than ever. Government should takes this as alert to make better policy to protect animals from human activities.

In conclusion, although it is undeniable that natural resources are helps to develop the world compared with what people have lost from the destruction but it’s not worth. People need to control their nature exploiting to improve the earth as well as their lives. As the need for land and food grows up, people should not forget that there will be others living things that need forest as their land and food resources. So, the destruction of world’s forest is not inevitable as it can be overcome by finding a new solution such as reusing old abandoned buildings or destroying them to make new buildings.

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