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The Courageous woman Essay

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As a woman leader, Elizabeth Blackwell strived to become someone in life. She influenced mothers, children, wives, and sisters and showed them how strength could lead them to their dreams. Her family and friends discouraged her, but she kept going in her own direction. They told her how impossible it would be to become a woman doctor and she asked them why she should not be a doctor. They had no reasons to tell her, but even if they had one, it was not useful, so she still kept going no matter what the challenge and hard times she faced.

After all what she went through, Elizabeth Blackwell accomplished her dream by becoming the first woman doctor. Elizabeth influenced women to become more confident in their own ideas and skills. Like other women who followed Elizabeth Blackwell’s idea, I am inspired by her persistence in life; even if I face hard ways, it is good to follow my dreams and travel by my own destination. I want to attend Regina Dominican High School, because I want to be like Blackwell and pursue my goals without hesitation and fear of other people’s discouragement.

Elizabeth’s strength has had an impact on me because she is the kind of woman who proved that women are not the bottom of society; they are the top of society and equal to men. Her impact on me is that women can become whatever they want and equal with everyone. As a woman leader, Elizabeth’s strength will help me to develop my dexterity, put out my creativity in front of people, and follow my dreams to become a doctor.

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As long as I am doing what is expected of me, even if people are putting me down, I just have to be persistent to fulfill my dreams. To develop as a global leader, use any chance I get to disprove people who may have the wrong impression about me. Regina Dominican High School has its own belief in its students, and I am 100% sure that if I attend the Regina Dominican High School in the next four years, I will be like Elizabeth Blackwell and achieve my goal.

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