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The Competitor Exiting competitors Essay

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Competitors are those that offer an alternative, these competitors gained market share, we can not cover and control them based on exiting product. These alternative products are always diversity such as nappy.

Potential Competitors
-These competitors are always threatening, they can find out new product more preeminent than exiting product, it is a question for many company they can’t guess what product is find out tomorrow. -If we can analysis exiting competitor’s strategy, we don’t know how can cover potential competitor. -So we are always improving to adapt market. We make a surveys to know what need and demand are, from that we are always improving our products for customers.

-Cut down star-up capital of company based on outsourcing’s model. Using tools for manufacture product based on partner so that reduce cost of built factory, machines, training, employer’s liability insurance. -Limit risk of manufactory as all of abilities are guaranteed by contrast of partners so the risks were compensated by partners. -The product is more preeminent than others. We focus:

+The qualities ensure high material from Viet Nam with high quality, do not use material from China or have no origin. +The price: balance price, target
on middle stream.
+Market segment is large.

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-The quantities are limited by clause of contract of partner. It is hard to control our product as well as the flexible in manufacture. -Can’t control human resource from outsourcing’s model. The company’s image is easy impacted.

-Viet Nam is a fertile market. The need of child clothes is more and more increased. -The market in neighboring country such as Lao, Cambodia.
-Compare with competitors, with low price, poor quality and high quality, so high price. With outsourcing’s model, we balance between price and quality to target middle segment. -The market is more and more developing with immigrant for industrial highly as promise land such as Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Binh Duong. Threats

-The risk from partner they can’t cover contract (product error, term contracts, standard of product) -Strategic competition from competitor when they realize our strategic. More and more competitor join fertile market. – les gros poissons mangent les petits

3.3 Partners to sell
Short term
+Location market
We focus location market such as:
A. Ba Chieu market; An Dong market, Cho Lon market; Thu Duc ( Ho Chi Minh city) B. Tan Hiep market; Tan Mai market; Long Binh Tan market; Bien Hoa market. These are region concentrate industrial region so it is potential market( Dong Nai City) C. Di An market; Vsip market; Binh Duong market; Ben Cat market; Song Than market

+Shopkeeper( delivery all shop)
+Supermarket ( Big C, Co-op mark; Citi mark; Vinatex )
Long term
+Cambodia market (target Xamat’s border; Hoa Lu border)
+Lao’s market( La Bao’s border)
+China’s market(Mong Cai’s border)

Manufacturing base on outsourcing model-non factory, cut down worker (Cut down star-up capital of company) Balance between price and quality ( good quality still keep goo price)

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